Amyndas wins pharmaceutical innovation competition (ΣΦΕΕ Innovation Project 2.0)

The “Innovation Project” is an open call competition organized by the Association of Pharmaceutical Companies in Greece, designed for small companies, spin-offs, entrepreneurs and researchers in the sector of pharmaceutical and bioscience innovation in Greece. The competition is sponsored by a group of large pharmaceutical companies active in the Greek market (Abbvie, Pharmaserve-Lilly, MSD, Novartis, Roche, Pharmathen, Chiesi and Genesis). The competition aims at strengthening the business capabilities of small companies, entrepreneurs and researchers, with pioneering ideas and innovative proposals in the biosciences, pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, while promoting extroversion and the competitive presence of these emerging players in the international markets. Amyndas entered this 2-stage competition and won a prize for “Original  Pharmaceutical Innovation”. In addition to the monetary award Amyndas is eligible to receive a range of supportive services, such as advice on small company development, on regulatory and clinical development, as well on raising funds, or gain access to training centers and R & D.

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