EUSTM (9th Congress): Novel Transformative Treatment for Periodontal Disease

Periodontitis, a prevalent oral inflammatory disease associated with increased risk of systemic comorbidities, continues to be a significant worldwide public health and economic burden. The complement system is hyperactivated in periodontitis and is involved both in the dysbiotic transformation of the periodontal microbiome and the destructive inflammation that causes loss […]

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Complement C3 inhibition in severe COVID-19 using compstatin AMY-101

Complement C3 activation contributes to COVID-19 pathology, and C3 targeting has emerged as a promising therapeutic strategy. We provide interim data from ITHACA, the first randomized trial evaluating a C3 inhibitor, AMY-101, in severe COVID-19 (PaO2/FiO2 ≤ 300 mmHg). Patients received AMY-101 (n = 16) or placebo (n = 15) in addition […]

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Review: Compstatins: the dawn of clinical C3-targeted complement inhibition

Despite the growing recognition of the complement system as a major contributor to a variety of clinical conditions, the therapeutic arsenal has remained scarce. The introduction of an anti-C5 antibody in 2007 raised confidence in complement-targeted therapy. However, it became apparent that inhibition of late-stage effector generation might not be […]

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JCI Video: Complement C3 Inhibitor AMY-101 in Adults with Periodontal Inflammation – Clinical Trial

The Journal of Clinical Investigation created a video illustrating that local delivery of the complement C3 inhibitor AMY-101 in patients with gingivitis was safe, well tolerated, and led to significant and sustained reduction of clinical indices of gingival inflammation. Original article: Hasturk H, Hajishengallis G, Lambris JD, Mastellos DC, Yancopoulou […]

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JCI: Phase 2a clinical trial of complement C3 inhibitor AMY-101 in adults with periodontal inflammation

BACKGROUND. Gingivitis and periodontitis are prevalent inflammatory diseases of the periodontal tissues. Current treatments are often ineffective or do not prevent disease recurrence. Uncontrolled complement activation and resulting chronic gingival inflammation is a hallmark of periodontal diseases. We determined efficacy and safety of a complement 3-targeted therapeutic, AMY-101, locally administered […]

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Journal of Dental Research: Host Modulation and Treatment of Periodontal Disease

Balta et al. endorse the development of AMY-101 for the treatment of periodontitis “Emerging evidence from novel drug candidates, …..and complement inhibitors as previously studied in animal models and currently in human clinical trials, suggests future availability of adjunctive therapeutic strategies for the management of periodontitis”. Balta MG, Papathanasiou E, […]

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Business Wire: Amyndas Announces Positive Top-Line Phase 2 Results for Investigational AMY-101 in Adults With Periodontal Inflammation and Gingivitis

Study met primary endpoint and key secondary endpoints with statistically significant and clinically meaningful resolution of periodontal inflammation AMY-101 was safe and well-tolerated in trial recipients Plan for FDA end-of-phase 2 type B meeting and preparation for pivotal phase 3 study March 19, 2021 06:23 AM Eastern Daylight Time ATHENS, […]

Read More → Ελληνικό φάρμακο ανοίγει νέους δρόμους στη θεραπεία της περιοδοντίτιδας

Βασίλης Ιγνατιάδης Εξαιρετικά ενθαρρυντικά αποτελέσματα δοκιμής Φάσης 2 στις ΗΠΑ για το πειραματικό φάρμακο ΑΜΥ-101 της εταιρείας “Αμύντας”. Σταματά τη φλεγμονή και την αιμορραγία των ούλων σε μόλις 3 εβδομάδες. Τι λέει στο iatronet o δημιουργός του, καθηγητής Ι. Λάμπρης. Η φλεγμονή των ούλων (ουλίτιδα) ταλαιπωρεί μεγάλο ποσοστό του παγκόσμιου […]

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