Review: Compstatins: the dawn of clinical C3-targeted complement inhibition

Despite the growing recognition of the complement system as a major contributor to a variety of clinical conditions, the therapeutic arsenal has remained scarce. The introduction of an anti-C5 antibody in 2007 raised confidence in complement-targeted therapy. However, it became apparent that inhibition of late-stage effector generation might not be sufficient in multifactorial complement disorders. Upstream intervention at the level of C3 activation has therefore been considered promising. The approval of pegcetacoplan, a C3 inhibitor of the compstatin family, in 2021 served as critical validation of C3-targeted treatment. This review delineates the evolution of the compstatin family from its academic origins to the clinic and highlights current and potential future applications of this promising drug class in complement diseases.

Lamers C, Mastellos DC, Ricklin D, Lambris JD. (2022). Compstatins: the dawn of clinical C3-targeted complement inhibition. Trends in Pharmacological Sciences [Online ahead of print].