Study on inhibiting pre-exisiting natural periodontitis with Cp40 receives high Altmetric score

The study titled “Inhibition of pre-existing natural periodontitis in non-human primates by a locally administered inhibitor of Complement C3” led by Dr. George Hajishengallis and Dr. John Lambris has been recently assigned a high Altmetric score. Specifically, an Altmetric score serves as “an indicator of the amount of attention that a [research output] has received” from news outlets, as well as multiple social media sites. With a score of 190, this study is in the top 5% of all research outputs ever tracked by Altmetric. Additionally, this study is the #1 research output from its source, the Journal of Clinical Periodontology; specifically, it is ranked #1 out of 587 outputs from this particular journal.

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